Love Cotton Flannel Pad Booster

Love Cotton Flannel Pad Booster

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Lily Pads Boosters is a great option for women who experience a heavy flow or gushes. They are used to help direct your flow to the center of the pad and provide extra absorption. 

Lily Pads Boosters are worn externally by folding in half, rolling them up lengthwise, and placing them between the labia. These are NOT for internal use (inside the vagina).  You can also wear them on top of your pad flat for added protection.

Lily Pads Boosters are made to be worn with a pad or pantyliner and are not intended to replace pads. They should be changed when you need to put on a new pad or when going to the washroom. Our pad boosters are extremely comfortable and are can be easily forgotten that you are wearing them, please be careful not to drop them in the toilet.

Lily Pads Boosters are made with ultra-soft cotton flannel providing superb absorption.  

Lily Pad Boosters measure approximately 5" long by 2.5" wide.

Important notice to our American customers:

Due to FDA regulations we no longer wish to market our pads to the USA specifically for menstruation. Due to these restrictions, we can no longer advise our American customers on the use of their pads. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please be note that we are still selling the same high-quality pads that we have offered since 2017