Our Story

As a young new mom I wanted to do my part in making our planet and cleaner and greener place to raise my daughter, Lily.

 I started my zero waste journey when Lily was just a few months old. During that time I changed everything in our home from the bathroom to kitchen to align with our new greener lifestyle.

I was creating cute and custom pads for myself, along with many other zero waste projects. Posting my new and exciting pads on social media I quickly started getting request to make my friends’ and family there very own set of cloth menstrual pads. That is when Lily Pads was born, in September 2017.

Over a short period of time my new small company continued to grow. Not only have we been offering our super cute Lily Pads but many other zero waste products from Utensil Kits to Unpaper Towels.

I hope we can aid you in your efforts of keeping our planet green and clean.

Peace & Love,