Limited Edition Surprise Bags!

     I'm putting together some limited mystery surprise bags! You can register for them here. You will then get exclusive access to be the first to order one. 

I will contact you as soon as they are ready. Many beautiful products, some of which are not available in our store, are being packed in every surprise bag! Each bundle costs only $40 - but the bags contain products valued at over $60!

The catch? There is only a limited number of boxes and they will sell out fast. Don't miss your chance to get your hands on one of them...

Choose from a surprise bag with Reusable Pads only or a surprise bag with a mix of all of our products! These bags may contain the following products: Cloth Pads, Facial Rounds, UnPaper Towels, Cloth Wipes, Reusable Straws, and Wet Bags. The composition is random and the cannot be changed or exchanged - Anticipation and surprise guaranteed!