Why use our cloth menstrual pads?


Aside from being super cute and ultra comfy our cloth pads are a great step to start producing less waste. When you throw away disposable pads you are not just hurting the environment but your wallet as well! 1 of our Lily Pads saves approximately 200 disposable pads from the landfill! 

For many women disposable pads can be quite itchy and painful. Our cloth pads can provide comfort for those who suffer from skin allergies and sensitivities.


How many cloth pads will I need?

You will typically use about the same amount of cloth pads that you would with disposables. When deciding how many to purchase take into consideration how often you want to wash your pads. If you have less pads you will need to wash more often. How many disposable do you usually use in a day? 


For example if you want to launder your pads every 2nd day and you usually use 5 pads a day then you would need 10 pads + a few more while they are being washed.

How do I wash my cloth pads? 


Laundering your cloth pads is so easy! All you need to do is toss them in the washer and dryer. If you are worried about staining our bamboo velour or cotton pads we recommend rinsing the pad first in cold water and using a natural stain remover bar or peroxide before washing. Our minky pads are stain resistant, making them one of our best selling pads! 


Please remember to: 


  • Never to use bleach or fabric softener on your cloth pads. Fabric softener will cause the pad to repel instead of absorb. 

  • Launder your Lily Pads when you first bring them home before wearing. 


What about leaks? 


Our pads are backed with water resistant non pill fleece for leak protection and has double snaps so you can customize the fit to be snug around your underwear. 

What makes our pads so absorbent? 


In our moderate and heavy Lily Pads there is a hidden core of Zorb. 

Zorb is hypoallergenic and chemical free fabric that absorbs 10x it’s weight of liquid in under 2 seconds. It also soaks up 20x faster than any other fabric!


Our pantyliners have a core of cotton flannel that keeps them very thin. Great for spotting or daily protection.


Minky, Bamboo Velour or Cotton Flannel?


When you are trying to decide on a Lily Pad we have 3 options.


Minky - an insanely soft stain resistant polyester fabric. 

Bamboo Velour - a natural fabric and also incredibly soft and absorbs fast. However, it is not stain resistant.

Cotton Flannel - a cool, breathable fast absorbing fabric that absorbs quickly. Like bamboo it is not stain resistant. 


All three are fantastic options but depends on what you are looking for in a cloth pad. Try our Fabric Sampler Set to try all our options!


Are Lily Pads only for menstruation? 


Our cloth pads can also be used for light incontinence.


What side is up? 


Our pads are marked with a tag. That side goes facing your underwear. Print side up facing the body!

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