Cloth Pad Info

New to cloth pads? You probably have a lot of questions, don’t worry - I’ve been in your spot before! Let’s dive deeper into some frequently asked questions we get regularly about our cloth pads.

Why Use Cloth Pads?

A Healthier You!

Disposable period products that most of us started out with are filled with lots of plastics, artificial fragrances, and a long list of chemicals that can be irritating and harmful. When you make the switch to our Reusable Lily Pads you will fall in love with the comfort they provide. You will no longer be exposing yourself to irritating chemicals in disposable pads and tampons.

A Happier Wallet

Lily Pads are way more economical then compared to the cost of disposables over your menstruating years. On average we use 12,000 to 16,000 disposable pads and tampons over our lifetime. If you buy a box of 25 disposable pads at $8.00 a box equates to $3,840 to $5,120 dollars on literal garbage!

You’ll never have to make a mad dash to the drugstore again! When you invest in your set of Lily Pads you’ll never be caught off guard by your period. Our pads last on average for 10 years, and sometimes even longer!

A Healthier Planet

Like I was saying earlier… The average woman uses 12,000 to 16,000 disposable period products in her lifetime. And they have to go somewhere after they’ve been used! Used pads, plastic wrappers and applicators and headed straight to the landfill where they will take 500 to 800 years to decompose. 

Disposable pads and tampons have a huge environmental impact. When they are manufactured they are using our depleting resources of fossil fuels and oil that are used to create plastics.

Not only will you feel good wearing our pads but you will feel good knowing you are doing your part in keeping our planet green!

How to Use Cloth Pads

 If it seems a little overwhelming to use cloth pads, don’t sweat it. They are so simple to use! Our pads are an all in one style. There is no need for separate inserts unless you want to try a Pad Booster, which is totally optional.

 Place your pad print side up towards the body and snap the wings around the gusset of your underwear to hold the pad in place. Our pads have two snaps so you can choose the width that fits your underwear best. 

  We recommend changing your Lily Pad as often as you would a disposable pad. For most women this is around 4 to 8 hours on a moderate day, but everyone’s flow is different.

Changing your pad when you're at work, school, or just out and about can be done easily and discreetly. Simply bring one of our mini wet bags with you to store your pads. When you remove your used pad and place it in your wet bag until you are able to wash it.

How Many Pads Do I Need?

You don’t have to buy a full set right away when you are switching to cloth pads. Some women like to start out supplementing their current disposables with our cloth pads and adding more slowly as their budget allows or if they still have some disposables to use up. 

If you are ready to dive in deep and go for a complete set, here are some things to think about when determining how many to start with.

What Are You Already Using?

Think about your cycle in an average month. How many disposable pads do you usually use a day? Maybe your first couple of days are heavier and you switch out your pads more often? To get an estimate of how many pads you will need we recommend taking your average amount of pads you use in a day multiplied by how many days you want to go in between washing. 


Avery uses five pads a day and wants to wash every 2nd day (5 x 2 = 10). That means she should probably start out with 10 pads and maybe a couple of extra while they are in the wash.

How to Choose the Right Sizes

Now that you know how many pads you want to start out with now it’s time to figure out the sizes you need.

Take note what sizes you usually use for disposables. Maybe you use longer heavy pads the first couple of days, then switch to something a little smaller like a maxi pad and finish off your last few days using a pantyliner. 

Try Our Pantyliners If…                       

  • your looking for daily protection
  • you want a backup for a menstrual cup
  • protection for spotting or discharge


Try Our Moderate Pads If…

  • you usually wear a standard length disposable pad
  • you have a moderate flow
  • you need light to moderate incontinence protection

Try Our Heavy Pads If...

  • you need extra protection in the back or front
  • you have a heavy flow
  • you like a longer pads

Try Our Night/Postpartum Pads If…

  • you've just given birth
  • you bleed heavily at night
  • you have a heavy flow

Chances are you will need a few of each size. Want to try out sizes to see what works best for you? Check out our Size Sampler Sets, where you will get one of each in a surprise print with a generous discount! 

 For more details and to compare sizes see our size chart below.

How to Wash Cloth Pads

Washing your Lily Pads is super easy! Simply follow our washing instructions below.

 Please do not use bleach, fabric softeners or laundry detergents that contain softeners, brighteners as these can make your pads less absorbent and fade colors. We do not recommend soaking your pad for long periods of time as this practice is hard on fabrics.

If you are worried about staining we recommend first rinsing in cold water, then use a natural stain remover or spray hydrogen peroxide on the stain. After strain treating the pad launder as normal. Stain removal is an optional step. A stained pad does not mean it is unclean or unsanitary.