Which Fabric Topper Is Right For You?

You’ve decided to make the switch to our cloth pads - yay! I know making the switch is exciting but sometimes confusing when you are totally new to our pads. Now that you’ve chosen your sizes and have an idea of how many you will need there is one more choice you need to make - which fabric do you choose? 

We offer 3 different fabric choices for options for your cloth pads that we call pad toppers. All of our cloth pads aside from our pantyliners that are backed in cotton flannel have the same core, absorbing fabric called Zorb and are back in water resistant vegan fleece. Every topper fabric offers different benefits. It all comes down to personal preference. Let’s take a look at the options!

Minky, our #1 best selling pad!

Minky is a 100% polyester fabric that is stain resistant, super soft, comes in a variety of exciting colors and prints and feels the most dry while wearing.

Next is Bamboo Velour!

Our bamboo velour topped pads are 67% bamboo, 28% organic cotton, and 5% poly. Bamboo velour is very soft and smooth, absorbs quickly and adds an extra layer of absorbency without adding any bulk to the pad. Our bamboo velour pads come in un-dyed organic bamboo, black, and tie dye that we hand dye right here in the Lily Pads studio!

Our 3rd and final topper, Cotton

Our cotton pads are topped with 100% cotton flannel. It is the thinnest fabric topper, very cool and great for the warmer months and comes in fun prints, and colors.

If you're still not sure which topper is right for you, check out our Fabric Sampler Sets to find your favorite!