What Are Lily Pads Boosters, and How Do I Use Them?

Our newest product is here and I'm so excited to tell you all about it!

But first I have a little story for you. A while ago I had a feeling that my period was on the way. But as a women with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) my periods are unpredictable. That day Lily wanted to go for a walk, a long walk I might add to my parents house. With a 4 year old in a wagon pulling her up a big hill it took us a good hour to get their. Halfway up the hill I felt a gush there was no stopping it. I hate that feeling, and I hated it even more having to deal with it all the way to my parents house. Thank gosh I was weaing a Lily Pad! 

So What could I do to stop this feeling? I don't want to wear a cup - it's just not for me. That's when I came up with our Lily Pads Booster Design! 

Lily Pads Boosters is a great option for women who experience a heavy flow or gushes. They are used to help direct your flow to the center of the pad and provide extra absorption. 

Lily Pads Boosters are worn externally by folding in half, rolling them up lengthwise, and placing them between the labia. These are NOT for internal use (inside the vagina).  You can also wear them on top of your pad flat for added protection.

Lily Pads Boosters are made to be worn with a pad or pantyliner and are not intended to replace pads. They should be changed when you need to put on a new pad or when going to the washroom. Our pad boosters are extremely comfortable and are can be easily forgotten that you are wearing them, please be careful not to drop them in the toilet.

Lily Pads Boosters are made with ultra-soft unbleached bamboo velour providing superb absorption.  

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