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Worried About Staining? - Cloth Pad Troubleshooting

Are Your Pads Staining? If your worried about staining your Lily Pads I have a few solutions for you! You can always use our stain resistant Minky Pads or a darker colored pad. If cotton flannel and bamboo is your favorite here is some tips to treat stains. 1) Spray the stain with Hydrogen Peroxide. This is my go to method of stain removal. Not only for Lily Pads but bedsheets too - we all know the panic of  a surprise period! Spray some peroxide on the stain and let it fizz. When the fizzing stops rinse with cold water (hot will set the stain), and wash as normal. 2) Natural stain remover bars. Simply wet the bar and rub on...

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Is Your Pad Sliding Around? Cloth Pad Troubleshooting

I rarely have to troubleshoot with my customers but when I do it seems to be the same issues from folks that are totally new to the cloth pad world. Luckily there are super easy solutions!  Quick Fix #1:  Because cloth pads have no adhesive on the back like disposables to hold them in place we have snaps instead. There are 2 options for the snaps and you might just need to have your pad on the tightest fitting snap.  Quick Fix #2: Try snugger cotton underwear. If your undies are too loose you will most likely have problems with your pad moving on you. If your undies are made from something slippery and silky there is nothing to stabilize...

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