How To Wash Your Lily Pads

A big hang up people have when considering cloth pads is the laundering process. But it’s really simple and shouldn’t hold you back from making the switch. It’s really the same process you would make if you had to wash your undies after your period arrived unsuspectedly. 

Some people think it’s gross and hard but this is so far from the truth. Personally I think a garbage bag full of disposable pads is gross. Disposable pads can stink - the smell happens from a chemical reaction and bacteria that grows when menstrual blood is absorbed into the chemical filled pad. When you use a Lily Pad, it should not smell bad!

Here’s how easy it really is - All you need to do is toss them in your washer and dryer. Yep, that’s it! I told you it was easy. 


Here are 3 tips and guidelines when you wash your pads.


#1 Don’t Use Fabric Softener!

Whatever you do, for the sake of your beautiful new Lily Pads - DO NOT use fabric softener! Why? I want my pad to be soft and cloudlike for my most intimate parts. Well.. fabric softeners coat the fabric to make it soft but this coating also repels liquids. This is the opposite of what you want your pads to do. If you want to dry your pads faster or fluff up your Lily Pads you can use natural wool dryer balls as an alternative. Safer for your pads, safer for your skin and way more eco-friendly.


#2 Don’t Use Bleach! 

Bleach weekends the fabric and can ruin the beautiful prints and tie dye. Our Minky pads are stain resistant but if you have light colored cotton, or organic bamboo velour pad that you want to remove a stain from you can rinse with cold water. Hot water will set the stain, because menstrual blood is a protein. I don’t know.. science! 

Next spray hydrogen peroxide on the stain and let it bubble and fizz for a few minutes, then rinse in cold water and launder as normal.

#3 Don’t Soak Your Pad - Rinse It!

Again, if you are concerned about staining please first rinse your pad in cold water. Do not soak it in the sink or a pail for a long period of time. It is unnecessary and can be rough on the fabric. Simply toss your Lily Pad until you're ready to wash.

Remember, don’t stress about it! Just toss your pads in the washer in cold, warm or hot water. Cold water will be better for the life of your pad as it is gentler on fabric. Dry your Lily Pads in the dryer or hang to dry.