How to Track Your Cycle

Why should you track your menstrual cycle? 

It can help you understand your unique patterns.

Everybody is different, and having a period that is irregular is very common. A 28 cycle is the average, but may not be your average. 

When you are aware of your cycle, you will feel more in control–and less likely to be surprised by your next period. 

You will have a clear understanding you your overall health

Periods are your body's way of telling you that things are working like they should be. If you are Having an extremely heavy or irregular period, or no period at all, then there might be a health problem. By tracking your cycle, you will be able to remember things you would have probably forgotten when speaking with your doctor. 

You can understand your mood.

Hormonal changes throughout your cycle are thought to cause changes in mood like irritability, anxiety. The link between the menstrual cycle and mood is still being studied.  

When you learn about when these changes happen, it is another piece of the puzzle to understand your cycle. If you have a strong feeling of anxiety for instants and you strack it you will know for the following months and can remind yourself that this is normal, and the feeling will pass. 

When you are aware of  these changes it can help you prepare for them.

You'll know when you're fertile.

Some people think that you can only get pregnant on the day that you ovulate, or that you can get pregnant all the time. That just isn’t the case.

You are able to get pregnant during the days leading up to and after ovulation. This is called the 'fertile window', it lasts about 6 days on average  it is the 5 days leading up to ovulation and 24 hours after ovulation has happened

It is true that the biggest chance of conception happens the two days before ovulation. Keep in mind that cycles can change with multiple factors so there is always a change of getting pregnant. Make sure if you're not trying to get pregnant to use a form of protection. 

I hope this gave you some more insight about how your body works. Make sure you download your free tracker and watch this video and I will give you a little tutorial on how to use our period tracker.