How Many Cloth Pads Do I Need?

  So you finally decided that you are going to ditch the disposables and you're ready to order your first ever Reusable Lily Pads. How exciting, but wait. How many do I need? 

  This is one of the most frequently asked questions I get and there is really no one answer that will fit everyone's needs. I have a little formula you can use to find out  how you can find out for yourself how many you should start off with. 

  You will need to know roughly how many disposable pads you use in a day and how many days you want to have in between washing your pads. Do you want to wash them everyday, every 2nd day, or maybe you want to wash them all at the end of your cycle. 

The formula: 

pads a day x days between washing = pads needed


5 (pads) x 3 (days) = 15 pads needed

  Another thing you should take into consideration is what size you need. If you start out with 15 pads will you need more heavy or light pads? Think about what your flow is usually like and gauge your decision from there. 

  Some women prefer to try out our sizes in our budget bundles to see what size works best for them the best to make their decision making that much easier. To check out our samplers please click here.

  If you're ready to jump head first into cloth pads but your budget will not allow you to buy a full stash worth of pads there is no harm in supplementing your disposable pads with a few disposables while you build up your Lily Pads stash.

  I hope I could help you with choosing how many pads you would like to start off with. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. 

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