5 Reasons You Should Switch to UnPaper Towels

5 Reasons You Should Switch to UnPaper Towels

Lily Pads UnPaper Towels are lovingly handmade with super absorbent cotton flannel fabric in an assortment of prints. They are generously sized at approximately 12” x 12” and are sure to clean up any mess - big or small! 

  1. UnPaper Towels are sustainable!

Paper towels that are single use, made for one mess and that’s it! Tossed in the garbage bin to be sent to the landfill. UnPaper Towels on the other hand are durable cloths that can be used time and time again!

  1. You’ll Save Money

One set of our UnPaper Towels cost only $12.99. If that sounds like a bit much, the cost will come back to you right away by not buying paper towels, and other disposable cleaning products. 

Here is a little math - let’s say you invest in 3 sets of UnPaper Towels (that’s $39.00) over two years the final cost would be 38 cents a week!  That is less the price of using paper towels, and trust me you will be using them for much longer than two years.

  1. UnPaper Towels do more than cleaning up spilt milk

Multi-use products are my best friend. Especially with a messy kid and ok, I’ll say it husband. Our UnPaper towels are great to clean mirrors, dishware, as a napkin, to wrap up a snack and so much more! 

  1. They’re easy to care for

After wiping up a small mess just rinse in the sink and let it air-dry. Have to clean up a bigger mess? No worries - just toss them in the washer and dryer along with your regular load of bath towels. 

  1. They add pizzazz to your kitchen

Did I not mention they are totally cute?! Company will be sure to stop and say “Those are sweet! What are they?” This is the perfect opportunity to tell your friends all about your efforts to live a more sustainable life.

Sustainable, Budget Friendly, Easy to wash, and a stylish conversation piece - you can’t go wrong! Click here to check them out.

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